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NeoVoice – Fibre | Hostec

NeoVoice – Fibre

NeoVoice is ideally suited to meet your business voice needs by offering highly competitive rates, monthly savings and superior voice quality.

Switching to NeoVoice is simple with Geographic Number Portability as you’ll be able to keep your existing number. This means you won’t have to lose out on any substantial investments you’ve made in terms of marketing material like business cards.

NeoVoice Specifications

NeoVoice addresses the requirements of your business by offering reliability, high quality, high availability, a Next Generation Network and competitive termination rates. The solution encompasses 2 tailor-made product offers to suit your individual requirements, PRI and SIP trunk. Through these trunk-based voice services, we allow for local, national, mobile and international calls so you can easily keep in touch with your client base, regardless of their location.

  • PRI - A 30 voice channel service that, by connecting to your telephony system, enables you to make and receive calls to and from any other phone within or outside South Africa.
  • SIP trunk – Connects an IP-based telephony system to the carrier network at a trunking level and does not permit the connectivity of single handset devices. An added benefit of NeoVoice is that it enables the channel count to be expanded as the need arises.

The Benefits of NeoVoice

Features Benefits
Cost Efficiency
  • True per second billing from the 1st second.
  • Calls are up to 35% cheaper.
  • Reduced rates on international call traffic.
  • End-to-end solution on Neotel’s independent network.
  • Guaranteed capacity.
Investment Protection
  • Able to accommodate both your current and future telecoms infrastructure.
  • GNP protects existing marketing investment.
Higher Productivity/Profitability
  • Improved Call Success Ratio (CSR).
  • Improved Answer Seizure Rate (ASR).
  • Higher call-back rate.
Cost Monitoring
  • Itemised billing allows for easy monitoring of costs.
  • Enhances cost recovery.

Get NeoVoice

NeoVoice is available in all major metropolitans in South Africa. Please contact us on 041-822 8888 to give your business the competitive advantage in voice solutions.