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NeoBroadband – Fibre | Hostec

NeoBroadband – Fibre

NeoBroadband Fibre delivers affordable, uncapped Internet access over our robust fibre infrastructure. Ideal for businesses looking for an effective, convenient and fast Internet solution, you can call us on 041-822 8888 for more information on this.

NeoBroadband Fibre Specifications

Perfectly suited to clients whose applications are not bandwidth intensive, the NeoBroadband Fibre solution has been designed to allow you to define what speeds suit your business needs.

The service is based on the following:

  • Uncapped Internet Access.
  • Managed CPE Device.
  • Scalability, reliability and efficiency.

The following NeoBroadband Fibre services are available:

Public IPs Last Mile Peak Download & Upload Speeds Monthly Cost (ex. VAT) Complementary SIP Channel
5 Fibre to building 1Mbps R1 600 0
5 Fibre to building 2Mbps R3 050 0
5 Fibre to building 5Mbps R5 100 2
5 Fibre to building 10Mbps R8 200 4
5 Fibre to building 15Mbps R11 250 5

Get NeoBroadband Fibre

NeoBroadband is available in areas where we have existing fibre coverage. For more information on this cost-effective business Internet solution, please call us on 041-822 8888.