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Fax & Email Solutions | Hostec

Fax & Email Solutions

Simplify faxing for your customers by utilising our fax to email, or email to fax services.

Email to fax

This service enables you to compose an email which will be sent to someone’s fax machine. This is accomplished by simply sending an email to an address in the following format:

<fax number goes here> The fax number must be in it’s international format.

The actual email itself can either be composed in two ways. Either type the body of your email and send it (in which case the fax will be the body of your email) or attached a file in one of the following formats to be used as the fax body.

  • Microsoft Word Documents (.doc)
  • Microsoft Excel spreadsheets (.xls)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations (.ppt)
  • Note Pad (.txt) or any Text Editor
  • GIF Images (.gif)
  • Tiff 3 Images (.tif / .tiff)
  • JPEG Images (.jpg / jpeg)
  • BMP Images (.bmp)
  • PDF Documents (.pdf)
  • HTML Documents (.htm /html)

E.g You would like to send a fax to + 27 (21) 444 1111. With this service enabled all you have to do is send a mail addressed to, making sure to type a body or attach the appropriate file.


Email to fax pricing
Dial code Destination 1st min. Per 30 sec Thereafter
2721 Cape Town R1.16 R0.56
2731 Durban R1.16 R0.56
2711 Johannesburg R1.16 R0.56
2741 Port Elizabeth R1.16 R0.56
2712 Pretoria R1.16 R0.56
Rest of S.A. R2.31 R1.16


Fax to Email

By linking a fax number to your email address to can now receive faxes through your email account. All faxes that are sent to this designated fax number will then be forwarded to your email address as a picture attachment (..TIF format).

For example, faxes sent to +27 (21) 413 1111 are automatically sent to


Fax to Email pricing
Dial code Destination Flat Rate
2721 Cape Town R0.41 per page
2731 Durban R0.41 per page
2711 Johannesburg R0.41 per page
2741 Port Elizabeth R0.41 per page
2712 Pretoria R0.41 per page
08667 N/A * Free
 All pricing includes VAT. • *People sending faxes to your fax number will be billed R2.50 per min.